4 years and still waiting

Hi all, I started my TS/SCI w/ FS Poly process in February 2020 when I was still a senior in undergrad. I had the opportunity to take the poly twice. The first time I did not pass due to a mistake on my part with marijuana usage. I had only used 3 times in my adult life and the last time I was off by a few months cause I genuinely couldn’t remember. My uses were very random and sporadic and I realized it wasn’t for me. No other drugs were ever used. I was invited back and didn’t pass the second poly. I stuck to my guns, didn’t fold and they sent me on my way. I came back a few weeks later to complete the drug and mental health screening in Nov ‘21 and it has been complete silence since then. Until last week I received an email saying that they would like me to come in for an in person meeting. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I mean almost 2.5 years of no contact or updates and out of the blue they want to meet. Any advice is welcomed!!

That seems like a long time for delays due to misremembering specifics of 3 MJ uses. Are you sure there’s nothing else in your background? Foreign contacts? Financial issues?

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Sounds like they want to have another security interview.

Nope no foreign contacts or financial issues

Either they found something you missed (could be something small that you simply forgot), or they felt you were weren’t completely honest and forthright about something. Either way, to be safe, I would do an honest self-assessment before-hand and prepare to give honest, detailed responses. Best of luck.

This is just speculation on my part, but maybe they just wanted to wait to see if you could stay away from the Demon Weed for a while. Maybe they thought that otherwise you were a good candidate and kept your application on file.

Haha! Yeah I thought about that too. Luckily I haven’t used at all since the last time I told them which was early 2019

Would they not want you to do another SF-86 if your process is taking over 2 years? Just curious. I could see an interview in lieu of having to fill a new one out.

One time someone in my organization who was up for their periodic investigation was asked to fill out a new SF-86 because it had been over a year and security had done NOTHING with it. But that was with someone who was already cleared that they had “some degree of control over.”

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Perhaps you have a skill set that they need now and didn’t need so much years ago. MJ usage is becoming less and less of an “issue” and some places have realized that perfect unicorn employees are harder and harder to find in this job market. Lowered expectations is often better than a vacant job position.

4 years? holy moly. There are a lot of things that could be improved with the entire clearance process. Nobody should have to wait that long, ever.