Possible failing second polygraph

I am waiting for my clearance to be upgraded from Secret to TS/Poly - Full Scope.

Job offer accepted beginning of October 2018
Interview with Investigator January 2019
1st Poly 2 weeks later. Had to come back
2nd Poly February 14, 2019

I was called back because I forgot to include a previous employer. I was fired from the employer and was mortified and was there only 4 months and really had put it out of my mind. The interview triggered the memory that I didn’t include it. I told the interviewer everything and why it was so dang embarrassing. They invited me back for a 2nd one. Did fine on the second poly. Told the interviewer everything. The interviewer said it would go to adjudication. Didn’t say if I passed or failed. That was 10 excruciating months ago. Did I blow it? If I had, would I have known immediately? Could I be waiting forever to know they I wasn’t granted the upgrade?

Any encouragement? I am working a horrendous housekeeper job while I wait. Makes it particularly worse. Only job local that would accept Secret clearance.