Did I really fail my poly's or is this a game

Long story short, I did two CI polys for an intel agency (poly was administrator by some folks from a 3 lettered agency).

First time: I kept swallowing because I was nervous and she said I was witholding info and could not successfully resolve any of the questions she asked me. Afterwards, she said if I cooperated, I would get another poly. I said I am not changing my answers and if I actually failed, just send me home. She replied by saying that she was not insisting that I stop, but would advocate to me if I spilled the beans. I said I am not changing my answers and that her accusations were ridiculous. She rescheduled the poly the next day.

2nd time: Horrible. A single scope poly was administered that focused on foreign contacts. The examiner said I was concealing information and doing all he could to get me to crack. During the poly, I tried breathing out of my mouth to stop me from swallowing, did not work. They brought in a quality control manager who accused me of trying to manipulate my test, I said I am not trying to. My breathing was heavy, I sweating, it was horrible. He told me I failed, yet he kept pressuring me to give him information for about another hour. Afterwards he somewhat hinted at a 3rd poly but said (it was rare).

In all, did I actually fail or was this all a pressure tactic. I have not received any emails saying my processing has stopped. If I actually did fail, how and when would I officially find out.

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There are two answers to your question.

The first answer is that there was something in the results that the polygrapher saw that indicated you were being deceptive and they needed to resolve that.

The second answer is that the polygrapher developed some kind of suspicion that you were holding back. This may have been supported by the readings on the machine, or it may have been more along the lines of a “gut feeling.”

But the tactic of bringing in a second examiner/quality control person is new to me. Sometimes they will refer to a quality control process or reviewer but I’ve never heard of someone else coming into the room. Maybe this is a new technique, who knows.

As far as how you would find out I suppose these days you would get an email.

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Continue to stay strong, they’re trying to break you by making you doubt yourself. Don’t let it happen.

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Update: It has been one week and I have not received any update. Still do not know if I passed or failed.

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Going on week 3. Nothing yet. I imagine my case is has either entered adjudication or is on the way there. I have no idea whats is going on. I am scared because they accused me of using counter measures during my second exam (which I did not do at all)

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These types of anecdotes are what really stress me out about the clearance process. Kind of wild that this goes on.

To quote (sort of) Jerry Seinfeld: Oh yeah baby, it’s a thing.

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has there been any update?