No News Post Poly

Two months ago (which I know is not a long time, but bear with me). I took a CI poly for one of the intel agencies under the ODNI. The polygraph was administrated by the CIA (I have no idea why). Long story short, on the first day my examiner says I am withholding information. I was then brought back for another day in which I was accused of hiding contact with foreign nationals (I was not). I got so nervous, started to swallow a lot, and was breathing heaving. They brought a QC guy in to warn me against “trying to manipulate my responses” I explained to the guy that I had no idea what he was talking about and that I was just nervous, scared, and wanted the job.

The examiner tries the test one more time, and he says " I think you know what I am going to tell you, you failed." He was friendly with me afterward and we parted ways. However, two months have gone by and I have not been I actually failed the poly, or that I am no longer considered. I am still holding out hope that I passed. But, I fear the gov is being slow in delivering bad news. I asked for an update last month and the agency said “you are still pending approvals”… idk what that even means. I am not owed anything, I just simply want to know so I can move on with my life.

In everyone’s opinion:
Did I fail my poly?
Would the government wait several months just to give me bad news?
Or is there still hope since I have not received any official notification stating I failed?

Did you fail your poly? Well, it looks pretty certain that you did not pass.

Is there still hope? Sounds like you’re still in the game. Not sure what “pending approvals” means… approval to get another shot at the box? that is, another poly.

Just another example of the crappy way they treat applicants, and why a growing number of people no longer wish to put up with all this foolishness.


Seriously, thats how im approaching my own process through all these hoops. If they don’t want me, that’s fine. I will keep my currently higher-paying remote job, and not have to relocate. They really need to get over themselves and treat applicants better.


CIA holds the clearances for ODNI and NCTC