How long until SOR is received?

-2009 Secret clearance granted
-2017 TS/SCI granted by IC agency
-Jan 2020 took Poly for another agency application and spilled my guts and received “unsuitable” letter - 1 year wait to reapply
-Feb 2022 interviewed by my current agency security office regarding info sent to them from my 2020 Poly

During the 2020 Poly I wanted to be 100% honest. I told them about:

  • 1 time in college (2009-2013) I used Marijuana once, not sure if I even inhaled. Didn’t put it on SF86 in 2017 because I was embarrassed and wasn’t sure what year it happened. Didn’t self report - didn’t know it was a requirement
  • used prescription drugs that weren’t mine on 2 occasions (2014 I think but unsure) after getting wisdom teeth out and running out of meds. Admitted that it was partly pain and partly liking the feeling
  • watched a porn video on a well known site where I wasn’t sure of the females age
  • had sex in a vehicle parked in a public parking lot with a boyfriend at the time

All of this happened in college or shortly after graduating except the porn video was more recent. I’m now married with a kid and have no intention of repeat behavior.

I’m fully expecting for my clearance to be revoked. My question is how long before I’m notified it’s being revoked or escorted out of the building or receive my SOR?

What’s with this trope?

You used marijuana, that’s all that matters.

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Who told you these life events were SOR material?

Did they indicate in the interview you’d be getting your clearance revoked?

No one, technically. But it seems from reading past cases that omitting the one time drug use on the SF86 is grounds for automatic revoke of clearance. My security office wrote up a report and sent it to an adjudicator. I’m now waiting to see the consequences. In my interview they touched on all of these topics from my polygraph.

I was told in the interview that my answers could affect my clearance, I had to sign some forms, and was told they were writing a report and it would go to an adjudicator. They didn’t have any timeline they could give me for when I would hear back.