SF-85 Drug Use Advice

Hi all, I recently submitted an SF-85 (not SF-85p) for an internship. For context I am 21 y/o college student. I have no red flags except for drug usage. Last time I used marijuana was in Nov. 2023 and was a very infrequent user before that, and I regrettably used cocaine one time in April 2023, almost a year ago. I was transparent (as I should be) on the form and gave all necessary information. I just would like any insight on how screwed I may be.

It may attract some scrutiny but these days, I don’t think these facts would even prevent you from getting a secret clearance. An SF-85 sounds like some kind of public trust based on a Tier 1 investigation (please correct me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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I am pretty new to all of the clearance stuff and what a public trust is but the job listing says non-sensitive and low risk

Yeah 85 is Public Trust. Usually less scrutiny. They might not even do any interviews.

From what I understand, even some SF-86 investigations may not require an interview as long as there are no “issues” and some “public trust” positions require the same investigation as a secret clearance. I suspect those are mostly positions involving financial matters… not classified info, but certainly sensitive and potentially “high risk.”