SF-85 U.S Attorney Security Clearance


I was recently accepted to a summer internship at the U.S Attorneys’ Office. On the SF-85 it asks about illegal drug use within a year, and I am going to admit to smoking marijuana on three different days, the most recent being in September.

Do I have any shot of getting a clearance?

First, if you are filling out Standard Form 85, this is a non-sensitive position, low risk. You will not receive a security clearance.

Second, the issue you are facing is mitigation with time and pattern of behavior. Perhaps you should read the Adjudicative Desk Reference, Version 4 found here: https://www.dhra.mil/Portals/52/Documents/perserec/ADR_Version_4.pdf

Third, if you want to seek and maintain federal employment, stop ALL illegal drug use, including marijuana. The Feds DO NOT care if marijuana is legal in your state, or your feelings about the use of the drug.

In 2012 standards changed for Public Trust positions. (Tier 2 and Tier 4). You should get a supplemental questionnaire where you are required to report illegal drug use, to include marijuana, in the last seven years. Tier 4 cases often wait to have the questionnaire completed during the Subject interview.

Thank you for giving link to adjudicators reference manual I have been searching for something exactly like that fora while now so thank you

Think for a minute about what you are asking . . . “I want an internship with a group that is responsible for prosecuting the nations drug law, is it OK that I violated those laws in the last six months?”

You admit to smoking three times in the last year but you’re going to be asked about the last seven . . .

Yes . . . you might be screwed . . .