Still with investigations!

Dear all -

I accepted a job offer from a gov agency abroad; my office has requested a public trust ( SF-85 non-sensitive) clearance for me. I submitted my form last April- they didn’t acknowledge the receipt until July - long story short I am still with investigations.

I was arrested for a prostitution charge. The arrest took place almost ten years ago- I paid 200 in fines and one year unsupervised probation - ever since , all is clear - credit is good - drive record is perfect ,no issues - When I filled out the SF-85 I did mention the charge , although the form doesn’t ask for anything. Am I going to have a problem in getting this Public Trust ?

Thanks in advance

Lets be clear, an SF-85 (Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions) is not used for public trust positions. The SF-85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions) is used for public trust positions. Regardless, even though you disclosed information that was not required, it would not impact your eligibility for a nonsensitive or public trust position since it is out of scope.

Thank you Marko. Can you explain more ? I was asked to complete the SF-85 ( not the P) & that’s what I submitted to them. Can you elaborate " out of scope"
Thanks for your response.

Out of scope means enough time has elapsed that has mitigated any concerns.

Alright, thanks. Just to add, I have BA&MA from a top ranking school - I’m just concerned since it has taken so long and I’m still stuck with the investigation for 7 months