SF85 with Additional Questionnaires for Public Trust Positions

I’m undergoing an investigation for a non-sensitive position, so I filled out the SF85. But in addition I had to sign three forms that were from the SF85P: Authorization for Release of Medical Information, Authorization for Release of Information, and the Fair Credit Reporting Disclosure and Authorization. Does anybody know if this is SOP for an SF85 position? Can different departments have different standards/requests? (This is for a contractor position.) Many thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t have any personal experience with public trust investigations but those releases are pretty standard these days for background investigations based on the SF-86. Used to be the investigator would have you fill them out if they were needed but now they seem to just ask for them up front.

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Okay, thanks sbusquirrel! I imagine then that this might also hold true for the SF 85. This process is all entirely new to me, so I appreciate any and all insights!