MEL form for SF85P

For SF85P (MBI - moderate background investigation) do we sign the Authorization for Release of Medical Information (MEL)form or this form is only for public trust (High risk BI)? Also for MBI do I get interview with investigator? My HR gave me the MEL form to sign and I don’t have a family doctor. From where does the OPM get information about my medical?

The SF85P is for ALL Public Trust positions (high and moderate) which means you must sign all releases. There is an interview with an investigator. They only go out and talk to medical professionals if you answer yes to the mental health counseling question, but regardless, the medical release is still needed.

Thank you very much Mr. Hakamaa. This site is so helpful

What is the minimum number of years to live in USA for BI? I lived in US for 10 years and left. I lived in another country for 11 years and I am back to USA in 2012. I am not US citizen. Can I still apply for BI even though I didn’t meet the 3 years stay in USA yet?

It is not up to you as to whether you meet U.S. residency requirements for a background investigation. It is up the agency that wants to hire you to determine if they can do an investigation on you or not, and if not whether to accept the risk without it. An obviously this can’t be for a clearance since you are not a U.S. citizen.