Mental health check for non-sensitive, SF 85 position?

Hi there! My question: Will a non-sensitive suitability background check (SF 85) look at my mental health records? This is for a contractor job. I did sign a HIPAA waiver, but I’m not sure what standard practice is for this kind of investigation. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

If you complete the SF 85P, an Authorization for Release of Medical
Information Pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
Act (HIPAA) will be provided to you only in the event information arises in an
investigation that requires further inquiry for resolution, and only to resolve
such issues. This release authorizes an investigator to ask your health
practitioner(s) only the questions specified on the release concerning mental
health consultations of which the practitioner might be aware. If you are
completing the SF 85P with the supplemental SF 85P-S, this release will be
provided to you if you respond “yes” to the question regarding Your Medical
Record. You may also be asked to complete a specific release if more
detailed information is needed from your provider.

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The plain SF-85 (not P or S) doesn’t ask about mental health. The others will allow the BI to attempt to ask the three questions on the release you signed. If they want more info they’ll have you sign a special release to sign over all your records, and you may need to sign another release with your doctors to have them…released.

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Great—thank you so much, this helps! I have a related question: If I had a very brief hospitalization 5 years ago (5150), will this show up during the course of the investigation? Since it wasn’t a criminal issue I understand that it shouldn’t show up on my criminal background check.