I am confused- do I need to report mental health matters to Public Trust Jobs?

I would ask an attorney this but they all want $500 an hour.

5 years ago I was involuntarily brought to an ER for a psychological evaluation… will this be a barrier to a Public Trust job? Will this be discoverable in the background check?

Thank you.

Normally, no. Mental health, acute or chronic, are normally a minor issue as long as you are following any treatment plan in place (if any).

The 85P form which is used for public trust positions does not require disclosure of mental health issues. I’d say unless it was related to alcohol or drugs that it would not need to be brought up on the form or in your interview unless you’re asked about it.

Depends on which public trust questionnaire is used for the position. SF-85P-S has mental health questions.

I have never seen that form before… what is it for?

Public Trust investigations.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

I apologize for the repetition, but I am still confused about my situation in regard to my mental health impacting my employability at the federal level.

Because I was never actually considered an inpatient in a psychiatric facility, do I still need to report “YES” to mental health issues?

Also, will this event be viewable by a background investigator prior to my admission of the event? I do not plan on being dishonest, I just would like to know if I will be the first person to give my account of the event.

Google SF85P, this is the form you will fill out for a public trust position. There are no mental health related questions on it. There are drug, alcohol and police related questions in case your situation involves one of those, it may be reportable.

The SF85P-S, the S is for supplemental, which is an additional, supplemental questionairre that must be filled out with the SF85P. The supplemtal questionairre is used by various agencies for various positions and includes mental health related questions.

If your involuntary commitment was law enforcement related, chances are you will be discussing it witb an Investigator either way.

Is involuntary mental health care a reason to deny someone a public trust job?

Thanks for the info.

But that’s the thing- I wasn’t ever “committed” or “arrested”. So is this still significant?