SF85P SF85S- PTSD Mental Health

Hello, I am due for Public Trust re evaluation for my current position with CBP. I have been with the agency 10 years. Prior recerts and initial were done on the SF86 now I have a SF85P and SF85S. This changes the mental health question. I did not have to report treatment for combat related PTSD. Now with the SF85P and S it only says answer No for grief or family counseling? Do I have do disclose my PTSD treatment for a recert of public trust? Also how does this effect my recert? should I be worried?

I would follow the form and list your PTSD counseling but I would not be overly concerned. This is some of the recent guidance that ODNI put out referencing mental health counseling: The applicant’s decision to seek mental health care should NOT, in and of itself, adversely impact that individual’s ability to obtain or maintain a national security position. In fact, seeking personal wellness and recovery may favorably impact a person’s eligibility for a national security position.

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I have a question to add here . . . If this were a clearance, as opposed to PT, it seems like there would have been a requirement to self-report at the time the therapy began. Is that the case with a public trust?

Its crazy that this question has been changed and does not require reporting on question 21 on the SF86 for clearance but for public trust ( a lesser requirement of investigation) they are still using a form from 1995 and I will have to report it. Since it is a “YES” Im sure they will contact the VA and my Drs. for additional information and records.

I’m on the process of seeking my PT position. Once I answered yes to seeking mental health treatment or consultation I was required to obtain letters from my providers as to Whether or not I presented with any conditions in the last 10 years that would affect my reliability or judgment. If the answers were adverse, there were additional questions the doctors had to answer with regard to my treatment plans such as my treatment plan and prognosis, however, since my issues were just with regard to anxiety, there was no further information they needed to present.

I cant believe with the stigma of getting help for PTSD they have not modified the question on this particular for. It I was going for a Secret I could answer no but for a public trust I have to answer yes. I am retired military and have worked for the government 22 years . I wouldn’t think this would be an issue.

If you look at the SF85 form date, you will realize why the question still reads like it does. The SF 86 had three serious revisions since the SF85 has been touched. The SF85 Supplemental questionnaire is the compromise to update the SF85 series.

The new SF-85P is due to be released in December. I have not seen a draft to see how PTSD is addressed but I’ve heard the new form closely resembles SF-86.

Unfortunately I have always used the sf86 for my re investigations. So this is the first time I had to answer yes to the dreaded mental health question. I also put in the comments this is for military duty related PTSD. Will I now have to get signed off by a psychiatrist? The inconsistency is horrible . It looks like my re investigations has gotten more complicated for a lesser BI.

Unfortunately my timing is going to cause me to open a can of worms! It it resembles the SF86 if would be a 'No" and a non factor. Unbelievable!

The inconsistency drives me crazy! So I will probably have to get cleared by a mental health professional since I have to answer yes on an outdated form for a lesser investigation. Where as an SF86 or an actual clearance it is a non issue. I put in my comments that my counseling was for PTSD for military related duties. Is it possible they wont touch it because of the inconsistency?

You’ll be fine. The investigator will ask about the counseling and you can explain the circumstances. It most likely will require a follow up with the medical practitioner but in those cases, the questions is pretty generalized, such as if you have a condition that could impact your judgement and reliability. Mental health issues are easy to mitigate when applicants are actively working with medical professionals or managing their issue. I know it’s hard but this will not be a big deal.

I spoke to my medical care providers at the VA explain they will have to answer a few questions. They acted like I was speaking a different language. They also said they have never done that. Also asked if I was armed and of course I am not. The psychiatrist said she is not comfortable clearing anyone for clearances? What the heck? There are three other guys in my section in PTSD therapy including my supervisor and he is armed. I can see complications unfortunately . I have had a clearance or a public trust for 28 years and just diagnosed 8 months ago

The SF-85P is severely lacking in this regard. If it is not listed as an exclusion, then report it. During your investigation, explain that it is for PTSD related to military service in a combat environment. Honestly, you won’t have to discuss much else than that and what is required to be listed on the form. Even though the form doesn’t exclude PTSD, some of the criteria that investigators use to follow-up on these things does expressly exclude PTSD from service in a military combat environment, so even though you listed it, there may not necessarily be further follow-up required.