Medical records ~ How/when exactly are they searched for?

Hello, I have an 11 year old behavioral health record in another state where I have never lived. Will this record be easily found? Does anyone know the procedure for data base scanning?

There is a law that that this record should have been disposed but the organization is saying they have an exemption because they save records for research.

There is also erroneous info in the record but too late to request changes because it’s so old.

Have not yet filled out my sf-86.

Any advice?
Thank you kindly

My advice is to thoroughly read the questions on the SF86 and answer honestly. Not all mental health is a concern. However, if you answer a question positively you can expect some level of follow-up. The follow-up will not necessarily result in a record review. Generally there are a few screening questions that are asked to the provider to determine if further follow-up is needed.

Great, thank you. I really appreciate the response. Finally went over my paperwork and realize I have nothing to hide to begin with.