Are health records pulled through a SF-85?

Or are you protected through HIPAA laws?

You sign a Medical/Psychological release form and waive HIPPA

Tier 1 SF85 investigations do not involve medical records checks and have no release.

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In what scenario did you do that?

You don’t “waive HIPPA” . . . You allow the government access to certain health information. You are still protected by HIPPA and the information that the government gathers is protected in the same way.

As far as I know I didn’t sign a medical release form.

Excellent! Thank you for your response.

It is one of the documents you electronically sign when you do your equip for the SF85P

Marko, not on the original subject, but do Tier 5R investigations involve a medical records release? I don’t remember signing one…

Yes, a medical release is standard along with the e-QIP certification and general release