What type of investigation will I undergo for CBP Officer?


I am in the hiring process with Customs and Border Protection for the position of CBP Officer. I submitted an SF86 and was wondering what type of investigation I will undergo? I currently have a Public Trust clearance and I had to undergo an MBI investigation. The vacancy announcement for CBP Officer listed the clearance as “Public Trust” so will I go through an MBI or a BI because it’s a law enforcement position? About how long will it take?

Thanks for the help

The term Public Trust means a position was designated at wither the moderate (MBI) or high risk (BI) level but does not need access/eligibility of classified information. It does not make sense that you submitted an SF-86 if it is a public trust position. Most federal law enforcement positions are designated at the moderate or high risk level with access to Secret.

I agree, but that is what I submitted. For my public trust, I had to submit an SF-85P. Either way, the CBPO position announcement listed the clearance type as “public trust” so I was surprised to have submitted an SF86. I’m sure it’s just for suitability, but I figured they could do the same suitability investigation with an SF85P right?

Some mbi’s are done on the SF86. I knew someone years ago who was a CBP Agent and underwent an entire SSBI. I think the position description indicated public trust at the time.

Clarification for all: Public Trust = no clearance. When an MBI is done on an SF-86 it means the position is designated as moderate risk with a need for a Secret clearance. When done on an SF-85P no clearance is involved.

So it’s safe to say this is a “Tier 3b” investigation?

Tier 3b investigation explanation:

I have conducted CBP cases for the last seven years, and all CBPO and all law enforcement positions at CBP are SSBI’s, and are considered national security investigations. Only non-law enforcement positions at CBP fill out the SF85P. It does not matter what the annoucement states, the position is a national security position, and that level will be performed.

Thank you all for the help!

One more question… During the investigation when doing a local agency check, do they only look at arrest/convictions or any time you were involved in an incident (i.e. your name ends up in a report).

Several years ago, I was with some friends in a vehicle and the driver was intoxicated. We were pulled over and driver went to jail and another passenger was also arrested for possession of cocaine. I was clean and was not charged with any crime, however, they did take my identification and I’m sure they noted in their report that I was present.

Before that in High school, some friends and I were on county property (closed to public) where we were exploring a cave. A sheriff saw our vehicle and waited for us to come back and we were told that we were trespassing. He took our identification and ran our info. Again, nobody was charged with a crime, but I’m sure my name is in a report for trespassing. We were told to leave and never return.

Will this info come up? Please keep in mind that I did answer the SF86 questions 100% truthfully, so I’m hoping that if this info does come up, it wont be held against me.

Thanks again!

If you were not charged with an offense or arrested (detained does not mean arrested) then you have nothing to worry about.

Outstanding! Now I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Thanks for the clarification.