CBP Public Trust BI

A former manager called me to let me know that he will have a conversation with an investigator about my BI.

What part of the process is that?

The investigative process

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I hope near the end.

Likely the beginning of the process. The early paper work portion is just that - paperwork and doesn’t really indicate where you are on the timeline of the process.

And don’t bother asking your investigator how long the investigation will take. Each investigator is different and each case is unique. In short, it will take as long as it takes.


Fantastic… thank you.

I have a full-time job. I always let them do their job.

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What determines whether they have a personal interview or just mail them a “card?”

The investigation type.

What kind or type of questions the investigator will ask my former manager?

Whatever the investigator needs to ask in order to clarify, understand, or seek further information.

Once again - it depends, each case is unique.

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Should I wear suit and tie for my face to face interview with my investigator?
Long sleeve shirt with tie only or just a long sleeve shirt?

The investigator likely won’t care what you’re wearing. Just be presentable lol


and don’t show up with a cold!! (this is why I am not working right now)

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