Public Trust Clearance Question for Fed Job

Hi there,

I have recently been offered a fed gov job that requires Public Trust clearance. I will be a Tech Manager, if things go well. I am slightly concerned as I had a charge and was arrested for damage of property misdemeanor. Basically, I had thrown away my ex-boyfriends clothes in trash when I found out he had been cheating on me. Long story short, he filed charges and I got arrested. I got out on bail. All the charges were dropped later. NO CONVICTIONS whatsoever.
When I submitted my paperwork for background investigation, there was a question to report any convictions, probation, or parole. Since I do not have any of those, not convicted, not on probation or on parole- I did not report anything.
Those charges and the arrest get me worried.
Anyone here has an idea - should I be worried?

Thanks for your help.

If the charges were truly dropped with no plea deal then the arrest should not be any issue at all. However, I am pretty sure the SF-85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Position) asks if you have been arrested in the last 7 years? If you did not disclose this then you have a lack of candor/dishonesty issue to overcome.

Understand you will not receive a clearance, only a public trust suitability determination.

You don’t say when this happened, if it was beyond the seven year limit, you will have no problem. If it was in the last seven years and you missed the question on the SF-85P (#20) you will need to explain WHY you didn’t reveal your arrest. It’s likely that the record will be located. I suspect that you will still be OK but it will cause everything to take a little longer and it will cause a little more stress.

If you already filled out the 85P and the arrest was in the last seven years, did you self-report it or did you leave it off?

I read and read the form I filled. It did not say SF-85P. There was absolutely no mention about arrest. If it was there, I would have certainly disclosed. Thank you so much for your response.

Then you are not in a public trust position. Low risk non-sensitive.

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Happy to hear. Thanks a lot.

It was a prior federal employment check form. It happened in 2018.

I believe I will receive a notification to fill an eQUIP form. Once I receive it I will know about the form number. When I fil it out, if there are questions related to arrest, I will make sure to disclose it.
I am hoping that it won’t be an issue since it was an arrest. Charges were dropped and no conviction.

Perhaps you need to review the blog article called Guide to Position Designation so you know what type of position it is and the form used.

I filled out SF-85P , a moderate risk Public Trust.
I disclosed, about the arrest along with the outcome which was dismissed. Also, I added in the comments section that I filed a petition for expungement.
I feel so worried. I wasn’t convicted. I have honestly answered all the questions including school and employment history. Now, I am wondering what if my previous supervisor says something negative about me.
Yes, I really want the job. More because I believe that my skill set can make an impact.

Read pages 4-7 In the ADR for understanding of “whole person” concept under which all applicants for PT or clearances are adjudicated.