Public trust clearance

I’m applying for a public trust clearance and have some questions about my applications. I’ve had several arrests 1 was for felony grand auto 2002 that all charges were dropped after I provided paperwork that was signed by seller. misdeamnor domestic violence 1999, and several suspended licenses arrest in Georgia. No arrest or issues since 2011. I am also fighting somethings on my credit report because of Identity theft.I have the police report in hand should they want to see it. So in summary arrests but no convictions for felonies, 1 misdemeanor 20 years old and credit issues because of Identity theft. Can I get a Public Trust and eventually Secret clearances?

The felony charges and domestic violence issues will need to be reported and are serious hurdles that you will have to mitigate prior to your application. I will ask if you had any anger management, victim empathy classes etc. Several arrests are also bad as it shows a history of not following the rules. Several suspended licenses are not good. My advice, stick to jobs that do not require the public trust or especially a clearance unless you have strong mitigating factors.

Anything outside of 9 years ago is out of scope and you already mitigated the felony charge. Ensure you obtain documentation for whatever efforts you are making on the credit issues so if asked you have it. Based on the information you provided you could obtain both a public trust or a clearance position as long as you are totally honest and up front during the application process.

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At what point does misdemeanor stop affecting you?Resolved in 1999. I have some mitigating factors with the suspended license arrests. I had a valid license at all times from the state I resided in. Georgia had a suspension for a ticket that was paid and resolved in their systems. Each time when I appeared in court with documents the cases were thrown out but because Georgia law requires that you are arrested if they think your license is suspended I was taken in custody. I took a anger management class for the domestic violence charge but for clarity it was a fight with my brother in law that lived with me. No a spouse. Again no arrest or issues since 2011. Just wondering what I need to prepare for investigation if they do one for public trust.

You should just answer the sf85/85p truthfully and have documentation about what you have just indicated. But as I stated before the potential for violence in the workplace is serious these days.

Hi Marko.

If you work for a commercial company doing work for a state agency and have to submit fingerprints can you please help? Not exactly sure what kind of clearance this is. But to my knowledge no SF85 form is required.

If you have misdemeanors 18 years ago for petty crimes will this be taking into consideration for approval if this is just a standard fingerprint OPM or state agency check? or do all state agency’s require fingerprint and a form to coincide?