Hello all. In 2011 I was arrested for a bounce check. I helped a college friend pay a “paycheck” into my account as he’s leaving for his home country. i did and then there was no issue for months until I was home one day and was arrested. I hired an attorney that asked me to make restitution and I wasn’t convicted as the whole situation played out quite strangely and led to an arrest. The attorney requested to put my case in a stet docket and after 2 months he got the case closed and expunged as well as my arrest record. Will this prevent me from acquiring a public trust clearance. i filled out an SF85P, my credit score is a 744, no other issue relating law enforcement or even tickets. Will this affect my clearance. I’m guessing mine is a high risk pub trust ( not sure). Please advise! This is with a federal government client. Thanks

If that is all you have then it will not be an issue. You will still need to disclose the arrest if it falls within scope of any questions.

Thank you so much. I have been worried about it. How long does it take to acquire the Public trust?

I submitted my eqip Nov 6th and was granted PT on Nov 27th. I guess it depends how busy the agency is. I didn’t get any feedback from the investigation while it was ongoing so I had to just sit on my hands.