Offered Job contingent on passing Public Trust (High Risk) Clearance


I was just offered a position that requires me to pass a SF86 Public Trust investigation. In the criminal history section, it requires me to disclose my arrest record dating back to 7 years ago. I have a petty larceny conviction record almost exactly 7 years ago (a month away from being 7 year anniversary). Will this record disqualify me from being granted the Public Trust clearance? Also, should I list it on the SF86 if the conviction was more than 7 years ago? Thanks for the input!

Read the question and disclose what is required. The date you certify the e-QIP is the control date used for how far back you need to go and that is what will be looked at.

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Marko nailed it. Again. Never, ever lie on a “public” TRUST form. Emphasis is mine on “trust.” Time does mitigate most issues. The older you are when infractions occur is also looked at under the whole person concept. If that was but one aberration from an otherwise clean life…and it is at the end of the 7 year period, you have proved you primarily live a clean life. If there are other arrests, drug use, multiple speeding or reckless driving tickets, and your finances are challenged…the record paints another picture even if you really are a great person. The trick is to avoid those high risk behaviors or crowds leading you into that behavior. Showing you have changed your life either through greatly improved credit scores, attending and completing college, working in ever rising levels of management, etc all lean towards showing maturity and growth.

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