Public Trust Clearance with 23 year old Misd

I have to go through Public Trust Clearance for a contract job with a Govt Agency.

I had a Misdemeanor Conviction 23 years back in Dec 2000 for Leaving the Scene of Property Damage Accident. I was new to the country that as was a stupid mistake . I got 2 years unsupervised probation that ended and case as closed.

I disclosed it on my immigration applications and successfully got my Green Card and US Citizenship

Will this conviction be a issue for my Public Trust Clearance ? I have no other issue in past 23 years !!! Great Credit History, multiple properties I own and regular payment history .

Hi MisDude. I think you’ll be fine going through a public trust investigation. The incident is so old that it will not impact the adjudication of your investigation. Even if this incident was labeled the most serious issue code, for every 72 months it decrease the severity until it eventually becomes a non-issue with so much time passing.


Thank You FedPerSec. The form I got is OF-306 and it goes back only 7 years asking for any convictions etc. I said no to that question because tis incident is 23years old. I believe it will come up in FP Check. Now is there a personal Interview that I have to attend where I can explain my side to the adjudicator ?

While not all public trust investigations entail a personal interview, you probably can expect one due to the incident. Don’t worry about the interview…its just to gather more facts about the incident since the background forms you will fill out only ask about arrest for the past seven years.

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