Public Trust + Misdemeanor

In 2013, I plead guilty to a felony theft. I was sentenced to restitution, community service, a rehabilitation program, and probation. Everything was completed successfully and the charged was reduced to a misdemeanor in 2015.

I am employed with a company that aligns with DoD/VA healthcare and am required to obtain Public Trust clearance. My understanding is PT only goes back 7 years. Based on the date of conversion, should I still be disclosing?

Read the questions carefully and answer them literally.

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Will do! Should I still be concerned about denial?

You can be concerned, but only the adjudicator, who reads the entire report, can initiate the denial.

It is done. You have time on your side but without details that you should not share in here - no one can legitimately tell you "not to worry:.

It appears that you have the benefit of time and rehabilitation on your side. I’ve seen worse that was favorably adjudicated in a public trust investigation. The adjudicator will use the “whole person” concept. In other words, they will look at more than just this incident for your adjudication. Good luck.