Public Trust Clearance Contractor

Going for my first clearance and I am a ball of nerves! I will just outline everything I am concerned about and hope for a response.

January 11, 2012 ($50 Misdemeanor worthless check conviction that has been dismissed) Should this be included in my application as it has surpassed the 7 year period. I spoke with my lawyer who said I shouldn’t include this as it was dismissed and she is currently working expunging it, I disagree with her statement from research on here but wanted to confirm.

March 2012 Misdemeanor Solicitation to Obtain Property by False Pretense (100 hours of community service and restitution both were completed in 2012) My lawyer is also in the process of completing the expungement of this.

I have a very recent Ch 13 (November 18) due to financial hardship I chose to file to take control of my finances. All payments have been on time to the trustee and lenders.

Will I be DQ or should I just list everything and be prepared to speak with my investigator when the time arrives. Contractor said the process could be 4-6 weeks, not sure if the recent shutdown will increase this time period.

In advance I would like to thank everyone for your feedback.

First, as far as background investigations go, NOTHING is ‘expunged’ so go ahead and report. Also, be sure to report the initial charges as well as whatever the final disposition was.

The Chapter 13 will be a little more tricky, as financial concerns are taken very seiously. Nobody on this forum can tell you how it will work out, but it is pretty certain that it makes the investigation more complicated and will slow things down.

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Would a credit check occur for a PT?

This based on the presumption that you are filling out Standard Form (SF) 85P. The questions on the form are pretty straightforward. Section 20 asks for last 7 years as you noted. So, answer it as it is asked. Voluntarily disclose anything outside the scope of the questions is entirely up to you.

As for credit check, you will sign or have signed the release form. So, act on the assumption that credit check will occur.

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