New SF85P (or SF85) required within 2-3 years of previous one?

Hello folks. I really love coming here because I always get some really good information and situations that people have experienced. I currently work for the IRS for which I completed an SF85P in October 2019. I met with the investigator January 2020 and have no idea of the status of that investigation. I now may be getting an offer for a Non-Sensitive/Low Risk position at Department of Justice.

I was wondering, since my other background was done so recently, would I have to do another one? I believe we are right at the 24-month mark. I don’t know for sure since I don’t when or if the original investigation was ever completed. @Marko @EdFarmerIII

Sorry about tagging you all but you all have given good info all over this forum!

The short answer is, it depends. The closed date is key and whether or not it was adjudicated. If closed within two years and adjudicated they can use it under reciprocity. If closed within two years and not adjudicated they can order the investigation and review/adjudicate it themselves. If neither of these apply a new investigation is required.

Thank you so much @Marko. I requested a status from my current agency to see where it is in the process. It was a public trust 6N (High Risk/Non-sensitive/Non-IT/AID) Tier 4, SF-85P so my assumption is that it has been at least closed by now. I met with the investigator in January 2020. The question is did it close before or after April 2020 and that I do not know. Do you have any timeline estimations for these?

This new job is a Non-Sensitive/Low Risk so I am thinking this will be just an SF-85 but I guess you never know nowadays.

Ok so I found out that my investigation was closed in February 2020 but not yet adjudicated or reviewed by my agency. Not sure what will happen now. I just got an email about doing fingerprints again for the new agency so I guess we will see what happens. I have nothing new that I am trying to hide but I was 1) trying to start as soon as possible and 2) worried about having to discuss and mitigate things from my past all over again that was already handled for a higher risk position. I am currently in High-Risk/Non-Sensitive position going to a Low Risk/Non-Sensitive position. @Marko @EdFarmerIII