Sf86 to sf85


If you were denied a sf86 and 5 years later can you reapply for a sf85 a lesser security clearance


When denied a clearance you are eligible to reapply for one after one year. There are no time requirement to wait when applying for non-sensitive positions using the SF-85.


Someone said that if you submitt a sf86 and we’re denied you have to reapply with a sf86 to finish your denied app is that true I was told I couldn’t apply for a sf85 afte years is that true


You seem to be confused; all clearance investigations are done off of an SF-86 regardless of level. SF-85s are used for positions at the low risk level with no clearance requirement.


Marko I’m confused could u elaborate on this subject are u saying even if I apply for a sf85 i have to start with a sf86? All this is hard to u Der stand from someone that’s never dealt with security clearances


Hi, Marko! I have a question. My sf86 is currently under secret clearance investigation and I am waiting for the result, but it is expected to take more than 6 months for me to get the result. So I want to start a temporary job(6 months) which requires my sf85 clearance. Can I submit the sf85 for the temporary job, even though I already submitted the sf86 for another job? If I can, doesn’t it affect my sf86 investigation?


OPM will not initiate a lower level of investigation because you have the clearance investigation either in progress or completed and waiting on adjudication. However, if waiting on adjudication the agency for the temp job cam request a copy of the clearance investigation to adjudicate for fitness or suitability purposes.


Thank you, Marko for your sufficient answer.