What happens if you reapply in one week after denied has anyone tryed and succed?

Alot of people that have TS and security tell me that one year is bull S***t just apply becouse some times there so backlog that they just denied once Its filled is that true?

Suitabilty denial maybe, im sure the CoJ says that FJO is contigent upon funding etc, but security denial usually means SOR and appeal process and stuff.

When you are given a denial, you will need to report that denial and the date on your subsequent SF86 applications. This means that you have self-report that it has been less than a year since your denial. Doing this will allow anyone in the chain to reject your application since it has been less than a year. Failing to and being found out will mean that you have to deal with falsifying your SF86 which will likely prevent you from getting a clearance for the foreseeable future.

Which of these positions seems favorable to you?

BTW: As I often tell people about taxes: When “they” tell you something, they are usually wrong.

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But what if you have Fixed what they wanted you to fix on the SOR do you still have to wait to re-apply

Most issues require a separation in time to show that they have been corrected. But, there are other reasons for telling you to wait a year.

Picture a filing cabinet with a file having your name on it. Feel free to reapply. But they will pull the file and see you were told wait one year. Can you elaborate on the reason? Normally 12 months is the minimum for MJ use mitigation, but that is based on age as well.

If you fixed what was on the SOR, why are you not working for the agency that sent you the SOR?

I have worked on a few cases where the Subject reapplied through their company for another security clearance within the year of their final denial and the cases were always discontinued - meaning closed before completion.

Because TIME is an important factor in just about all mitigation . . .