Apply for Job Requiring Clearance While In Appeals Process

I was recently denied a clearance - my question is if there is a waiting period when applying to other federal positions that require a clearance. I heard that you cannot apply for a clearance position within 1 year of the denial, unsure how true this is.

Additionally, since I chose to appeal my clearance denial with the first agency, how would this impact my process with a new agency that also requires a clearance? Would I have to stop the appeal process?

Whether or not there is a waiting period before you can apply to a different agency, the key question is addressing the issue that led to the denial in the first place… assuming they told you.

If it is something like recent drug use (and the timeline for “recent” seems to get shorter all the time) then the passage of time can mitigate concerns. But if it was a matter of foreign contacts, that doesn’t really change so much over time.

Anyway, why not go ahead and apply… nothing’s going to happen that quickly anyway

I won’t get too into the SoR but I do have adequate mitigating factors.

My question is if the 1 year waiting period is a hard rule, and does it only apply to that initial agency or all federal positions?

My observations is the one year “rule” is a minimum (depends on the issue(s)) as we will report any case with a negative DOHA decision within one year of the final DOHA denial. Those cases were always discontinued.

You have to mitigate the issues that caused the denial before you reapply. This does not mean a quick face wash. Paying/filing your back taxes then filing the current year does not show that you will be responsible and file your taxes again in the future. Reporting your foreign family members this time, to include your father that is a high ranking military officer in a country hostile to the US this time does not mitigate the failure to report/denying contact previously. Suddenly paying your back child support, over $30,000, in full, does not mitigate the fact you would not pay them before the denial. I’ve had these three cases in the past.

You did not generalize the reason(s) for the denial so no one can point you in a useful direction. Mitigation is not just a check box but you will need to show behavior change also.