Clearance Denial: Respond to SOR Worth It? *Time Sensitive*

This matter is time sensitive - I was denied a clearance from one of the 3 letter agencies and received a formal option to appeal.

I have heard that the chances of obtaining a position with an agency that has declined you a clearance is slim to none.

Is it worth shelling out thousands of dollars JUST to have the clearance denial off of my record? It’s nothing terrible, just foreign influence issues.

I understand that I will have to report clearance denials going forward - however a denial from one agency does not automatically mean a denial from another.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this matter?

Foreign Influence issues were “terrible” enough to have your clearance denied so you’re going to have a problem getting a clearance anywhere until you realize that and are able to show it can be mitigated. As you stated, moving forward you can reapply for a clearance once that investigation is 1-2 years old BUT, that same issue is still going to need to be mitigated and it will definately come up again. Search “13 Adjudicative Standards” and look up Foreign Influence…what can disqualify you and how to mitigate. If you can SHOW it’s been mitigated, you will generally get a favorable adjudication.