Denied ts/sci for Foreign influence Bother to re-apply?

I got denied for TS for foreign influence but all my family is US citizen we have been living in US past 45 years my background is clean my wife has family members overseas (Pakistan) she talks to them often could that hurt me of getting cleared, i don’t talk to them that much only about between 3- 4 times year. I got My SOR letter, I asked for my Background papers to be send to me, should i just write a letter and mitigate or appeal it in a hearing in front of a AJ Is it worth all that and getting a lawyer it cost to much or just wait one year and reapply. Is there any chance of me getting a clearance. would it help if she slows down on talking overseas and reapply after one year?.

I don’t see what difference a year would make if you were denied because of your wife’s family connections. Your best bet is an appeal. If you don’t want to hire a lawyer (I would recommend that you DO unless you have a very good legal sense) you can represent yourself. If you do this, I would suggest a “hearing on the record” which means that you will not appear in front of the judge and will not have to face off against a government lawyer. Some of here can help you present your defense in writing.

Have anyone seen a good outcome with a written appeal and why would they say that you can re-apply to any agency or this one after 1 year. My background investigation took almost 2 years with out a ploy. is that normal?

You said you received an SOR? That should have included information on appealing the decision. So what if it ALSO gave you the option to wait a year. As I said earlier, what difference is a year going to make?


Thank you for the info and help, am going with what you said and find a lawyer to help me appeal.

Appeal would seem best, with a cleared lawyer. Meanwhile, if you have existing financial ties, or property ownership…it may help mitigate the concern if you end those ties. The SOR will speak directly to the specificity of the reasons used. But family ties, bonds of affection, etc can be a tough mountain to climb

Amberbunny looks like family ties, but i dont have contact with them to much1-3 times per year, what if my family does is that going to be a tough mountain to climb, is this kinda case winnable?

Look up Edmunds Law Firm on LinkedIn. Not sure if this is allowed here, but two of my friends used him and both got their clearances reinstated.


As others have noted, the specific concern that caused you to be denied should have been outlined in the SOR. Sounds like it had to do with foreign contacts or possibly financial ties. If it had been a case of drug use, maybe a year would help put some distance between you and last use; same with a bad financial situation, another year of good credit would improve your chances. But are you still going to have those same foreign connections in a year? I think that’s what the other posters are looking at.

In any case, if you are thinking of re-applying, it is probably worth filing an appeal… in fact I think the first round isn’t the “appeal” just a chance to give your side of the story, and for that you do not need a lawyer. You might as well go through this step anyway.

Sbusquirrel, I real dont have foreign contacts, its my wife that does, she talks to her sisters and mom alot overseas. Thats why it might of got denied but my bother in law has a green card you think its becouse of that? I talked to a lawyer yesturday and he’s going to help me out. I have to show him the sor.

If your wife has foreign contacts, they are considered to have access to you. There are also your family members, although in-laws. “Slowing down” your wife’s contact with her family is not the solution, you need to prove your in-laws are not vulnerable and are not threats to our security.

That is the approach you need to take during the appeal process. Amberbunny is correct with his advice.


Thank you for all the info helps out great, wish me luck!!