CIA SoR Questions

Received the dreaded clearance denial letter and am currently awaiting the SoR. My best guess is that the denial is under guideline B (foreign preference). I have enough mitigating factors that I think I have a good shot at appealing.

How long after the denial do most people receive the follow up SoR letter?

Even if the clearance decision was overturned in my favor, this wouldn’t mean I’d still get the job with the Agency correct? Would it even make sense for me to reapply if I get the clearance? I’ve been told that it will state in the SoR if and when I should reapply.

Lastly, if the appeal was successful - would I hold the clearance or just be eligible in the future?

From my understanding,if it were overturned it wouldn’t grant you clearance right away. You would need to be sponsored and it would be up to the agency to determine you eligiblity from there on out.

1 year at a minimum. It’s a long process with the CIA.

This appears to be the conventional wisdom but hard to verify. I do know of people (well a couple of people) who were turned down for direct hire employee jobs but ended up getting cleared to work on CIA projects as contractors. That’s “turned down” as in they got the job offer but failed to get cleared. But it is hard to prove a negative. Or something.

Hi Bluesky, I got my official SOR about 40 days after oral notification that I had been denied; the letter will indicate what guideline you were denied under, a very brief explanation of your specific issue, and whether you are eligible for appeal. Should you move forward with an appeal, I advise you to consult an attorney as the process can require a response spelled out in a specific format. Should your appeal be successful, you will still have the denial in SC history but it will be addended with an update “clearing” you of the charge. However, this does not result in a clearance. You can try again; if Agency is still interested, they will ask you to file a new security clearance application with all data effective after your last application date, with the old information considered now adjudicated. I personally have never heard of someone getting a blue badge job after a denial; you maybe able to get cleared for an employee position but you are unlikely to be found “suitable” for one. Good luck!



Thanks for the thorough response. Receiving a clearance denial feels hopeless at times, especially given that there is not a lot of information regarding a denial with this particular agency. If you don’t mind me asking, did you have any luck appealing your SOR?

As you mentioned, even if I were to have a successful appeal I doubt agency would give me another shot. You’re not the first person to mention that unfortunately. At this point it’s about regaining clearance eligibility for future employment opportunities.

Absolutely, but just as an aside an IC denial does but necessarily preclude you from being granted TS/sci somewhere else whether or not you appeal. My appeal is ongoing, but I already received a positive adjudication elsewhere.

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That is great to hear. Strangely, I was positively adjudicated for a TS/sci for a different agency prior to the denial with this particular. Definitely happy to hear that a denial from one agency does not bar you from obtaining a clearance with other agencies as that was a major concern I had.

Hope everything works out for you!