CIA Clearance Denial... Path Going Foward?

To make a long story short: Denied a clearance with CIA 1 year ago. Currently hired by DOD agency, being put in for a secret clearance. No foreseeable issues.

Now, I have a few options and questions going forward. I have already ‘selected’ an appeal in person with CIA. This could take years but I have nothing to lose.

The likelihood of a successful appeal with the agency is viewed as highly unlikely. Obviously this varies depending on the reason for the denial. In my case it is foreign influence. I have taken the necessary steps to mitigate these issues.

Let’s say I lose the appeal. Does this bar me from EVER obtaining a job with the agency? Would changing the role I applied to with the agency make any difference on whether I’d be favorably adjudicated, even after waiting a few years?

The common theme I have gained from combing the internet seems to be that a clearance denial is a permanent black list from the agency. I welcome anyone to chime in with their thoughts on this. Thank you!

I don’t think a failed appeal would change anything.

Yes, it is a security clearance urban legend that nobody who gets denied security clearance with CIA ever gets hired. But the only people who could disprove this are now CIA employees and may not wish to share that info on an open forum… even with our fake made-up names.