CIA Appeals Question

Long story short, I was denied a clearance with the agency a while back. I chose the option to appeal. After reviewing the FOIA I found out that I was pretty damn close (2v1) when it came to which adjudicators denied / approved me.

My question is this: Will a going through with the CIA appeal even be worth it? I understand that it will ‘help’ in the sense of removing the denial off of my record. But in the off chance that I win my appeal, would it even be possible to secure employment with that agency again?

I have read on here that once denied a clearance by that agency, they will not lend a second chance. Wondering how true this is or if anyone can dispute this.

Does that mean you saw some details of the adjudication decision? I didnt think that would be released as part of the FOIA/privacy act process.

Yeah, mine was redacted.

he was lucky to see that.

Always do your appeal. Especially if you feel you did nothing wrong.

How did you get your FOIA redacted to show the decision of the adjudicators?

Have you gotten your Scattered Castles records recently?

The notes were redacted, however I was able to see that some adjudicators approved me for the clearance and some did not which I found to be interesting.

I am still curious to know if anyone has successfully secured employment at that agency after initially being denied a clearance.

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As you previously noted, this appears to be the prevailing wisdom. I have yet to see someone say “I got denied a security clearance with CIA but reapplied and got hired” possibly because nobody wants to post in a public forum that they are a CIA employee… even with these fake names.

That… actually makes quite a bit of sense. Thank you

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I’m not sure I understand the “secure employment with that agency again” part of the question. It sounds like you were lired from the employment and let go because of the denial and possibly other issues?

Any specific reason why you were denied?

One reason to appeal is that you never know but that some time in the future you might want to apply for a job with another agency that requires a clearance. In that case you will want to be able to answer no to the question of whether you have ever been denied a clearance in the past.