Denied by one agency, chances of getting on with another?

Hey guys.

SO question, I was denied by CIA for a clearance i was already using ON THE SAME program i was already working.

The issues in the SOR, Which i had to force them to give me, were petty and happened years ago; things like being written up at previous job 4 years. I never lied about it and it was in my PR SSBI.

The most recent of the “reasons” was 4 years ago.

A buddy of mine, who is an SSO told me that CIA is known for this and that just because they denied me, doesn’t mean that i can’t get on with a DOD entity or service.

I am in the process of appeal as we speak, just wanted to see if anyone had some info on what my buddy said.


Many examples of this happening, getting turned down by Agency X and later getting hired by agency Y. In fact some people have even been hired by the same agency that once found them “unsuitable” for whatever reason.

Was this for a direct hire agency civilian job?

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Hi, thanks for response.

No, it was as a contractor. The accusations are so absurd. They don’t even write them like accusations; like they are not saying i lied about anything. Infact, they are punishing me for telling the truth. No reason to lie since the issues were not serious or even significant.

As Squirrel stated. Some agencies draw a harsh line in one area…excuse behavior in another. Drug standards are different, downloading non legal songs or software? Big problem for one…not so much others.

That’s the crazy part. I have nothing serious; not even a minor spillage incident anywhere.

They dinged me on 3 minor incidences; being written up at another job more than 4 yrs ago.
It’s crazy.

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