Clearence denied by one IC agency

For the last 9 months I have been waiting in adjudication for my clearence to be granted. Today I received word that my clearence is being denied and I will be receiving an SOR in the mail. The clearence is in scattered castles.

I currently work as a contractor for another IC agency and my clearence for them is posted in DISS. Today I called my company’s FSO and I was informed that my clearence in DISS currently shows eligibility.

I am confused as to the status of my clearence. Is it possible that I was suitability denied instead of my clearence being denied. The worst thing in my background is foreign contacts. I am also wondering if I can use my clearence in the future or is all of my access going to be removed.

Im not gonna say its 100% that you will lose your other clearance, but its def at risk, and with things like this it might just be a lag and they will pull it once/if they get around to the report.

I was/am in same boat.

I suspect the denial is CIA. They have been denying clearances left and right for things that are not security related. Infact, mine was denied for things that happened almost a decade ago and was not even true. AND, they had already adjudicated me. I have been waiting on my appeal for 2 years now. They have been completely unprofessional and i actually had to force them to send me an SOR. It was quite sleazy.

To your question, does that mean you are not eligible with another agency?
NO, it does not. My eligibility was updated in DISS even after this issue came up. CIA has a bad reputation when it comes to this so the other agencies understand.
I actually had a security interview with another IC agency recently for a job and when i told them what happened with CIA, they asked “Is that it, really?”

I told them Yup, i know it sound like bs but its actually the truth and that is why it’s important to have you investigation filed with you as evidence. The special agents are ppl too and they can’t catch or add context to everything.

Thanks. That is what I was thinking. I have had a clearence for years and worked for multiple agencies. I have had the same forgein contacts the entire time, so it does not make sense that I would have my clearence denied.