Suitability denials?

Hey guys, just wondering. Does anyone know exactly where a suitability denial for a specific agency would be held?

I am just curious given that i have had “no luck” in getting a CIA contract ever since someone made some false allegations against me that i subsequently “fixed” in court and submitted paperwork to them when they did a Background check in 2013.

I did do a FOIA for my background checks with them and have my files from SC and JPAS.
There is nothing in any file about suitability denials and i have never received any paperwork on being rejected for it or have ever had a clearance revoked or LOR so i am really curios where and if that info would be.


Should be held in CVS the upgraded version of SSI or SII index cannot remember which. Then again the CIA might have their own reporting system like the FBI does. I know the FBI one is tied into CVS.

A 7+ year suitability denial is unheard of. You’re either a security risk or just not capable enough for the CIA.

You read that wrong, I never lost clearance. Was just saying that is when the issue happened. I’ve worked elsewhere since. Security clearance and resume’/ aptitude are handled separately in different divisions. CIA is full of incompetent ppl btw, so are all the other agencies…lol