DHS suitability pending

In March 2019 I was informed by my COR that DHS denied my suitability for the contract thad bee working for the last three, now I could work on the contract as long as I was being processed for the suitability. My company laid me off in March when my COR informed the PM that my suitability was denied. I requested a written denial from the COR but he said he just got an email that I was found ineligible for an SCI and that all in the email. I emailed the DHS security office and they further forwarded my email to another office, and that office threw it at someone else. I got tired of it and let it go. Two weeks back I emailed all the contacts I had for DHS security to request a copy of denial, still the same route of shuffling me around from one person to another. Today I got an email from the DHS security telling me that my records shows my file is in a delay status and my final determination is still pending. This is so unfair, I lost my job because of this miscommunication. I had been sitting at home for last two months without a source of income. Please advise where do I go from here? Should I go to the senator to make them look in this case and rectify their mistake or who else that will make them resolve this issue. Because I know they will try to throw the case under the rug, if I don’t put pressure on them to get some answers

My guess at where the disconnect is: Security may not have done the suitability denial. They may not have yet been informed to stop processing your clearance application.

Suitability and clearance are usually two different things as discussed here often. When you receive a suitability denial, you have no avenue for appeal and you do not usually receive a reason. However, you have not been denied a clearance and you will not, in the future, need to list the denial on security applications.