Suitability Denial - Already Working on Contract

I have been working on a FEMA contract for two months. I just received a suitability denial due to financial issues/credit.

Does this mean that I will automatically be let go from the current work I am doing? I am in the midst of working on a large project. I contacted my company’s manager and he wasn’t too worried. He thought the implications may be limited to being barred from future travel or gov meetings. I take it as I will be removed from the contract. Is that a given? Does this denial mean an automatic dismissal from the work I’m doing now - or only if they decide to take a suitability action?

Thank you!

More than likely you will be removed ASAP. If you aren’t cleared, you can’t work. We have removed people mid shift when they come back denied.

Suitability denial = unsuitable for employment in that specific position. It is likely you will be told you are no longer needed.

OK thank you for your insight. I am preparing for that, which is why I was surprised at my company manager being so relaxed about it.

If they feel you are an overall fit…they could find a slot not requiring that access level.

What happened Dana? If let go did you get unemployment?