Suitabilty Denial Coming

I was recently contacted by my adjudicator asking to write a personal statement about why I omitted being terminated from a position on my SF-86. I wrote it as best I could. My resignation was accepted, so I did not believe to be omitting anything. I had another position lined up and was ready to leave. If my previous employer would not have accepted it then I would not have put I resigned, I would have filled it out accordingly. It wouldn’t matter, its 1 job in a 15 year near perfect work span. Either way. I know the denial is coming. I’ve made peace with it. My question is does anyone know how long it takes to get the denial? For future BI’s will I have the option to refill out my SF-86 and change that? Thank you.

I cant speak to your specific issue but may I ask a question please? How did you hear from your Adjudicator? Did they contact you directly (phone), maybe through a FSO (facility security officer), or certified letter, etc.?

Don’t be so sure. The adjudicator may have just needed a little more info. This sort of thing does happen. Now, there is the issue of “resignation in lieu of being terminated” and that could be an issue.

In any case, I think you are within a couple weeks of hearing either way. The long wait is over, that is, the investigation and waiting for your case to reach an actual person in adjudications (and not just stuck in a queue).

This can be a sticky one.

I’ve been in a situation where I delivered steller results to the client, have the scores to prove it. I was heavily courted by all three contract competitors when the contract was rebid. Each offering amazing salary increases of 25k plus.

Well…sometimes they just want your resume to win the contract. As soon as they are settled…they can aim to make you miserable. But if you stick it out…find yourself in a “walk the plank” situation. The new company implies you’ve done a very bad thing…you disprove it…they say “yeah well there’s this other thing…” you realize the writing is on the wall…resign.

But was it in lieu of a termination? They can imply it.

Those of us valuing our clearance will resign. But how to capture this?

That…is the million dollar question. I can only guess you write a page explaining the situation as you saw it. Hide nothing. No matter how wounded the ego may be.

Business…not personal.

Doesn’t make it any more palatable. And it does leave a bad taste.

@Amberbunny2 Just in case the original poster doesnt reply - how would an Adjudicator normally contact a person going through that portion of the process? Is it personally via a phone call, via a FSO, or certified letter, etc.?

Thanks all, I will update when I do get it. Amberbunny, you hit the nail on the head. I didn’t have an actual “You’re fired” but I was uncomfortable in the position and had the other position lined up, so I resigned. Im frustrated that it was accepted which is the only reason I put I resigned on the SF-86. It’s also for an IC position not contract and I know they do their own thing so I’m not holding my breath on it.

I do plan on applying to another IC position, will I have a chance to refill out the SF-86 and change that? I’ve emailed my prior supervisor and they are pretending they don’t remember me and are using “according to our records” statement and then just ignored my follow up emails. Very professional. I need to be able to fix this somehow.

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I’ve had investigators contact me in response to a request that the adjudicator sent to them; I’ve also had an adjudicator reach out to me directly. I think it varies by agency and who is doing the adjudication.

I have never received a certified letter but I’ve heard of people who did. The FSO may get a heads-up that something is coming in the mail but I dont think they get involved.

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Im still waiting…you would think It would go a little quicker haha I wish theyd just make the decision.

They went through my recruiter to get the personal statements. They did not reach out to me personally.

The adjudicator contacted you via your recruiter? Yikes.

Just wanted to update: I guess they did take the “Whole person” into consideration. I was not denied and was given a final offer. Thanks all!