Secret Granted--

I have no question, just wanted to post my timeline,
Granted Secret
It took almost 18 months.
Filled SF-86 Jan 18
Interview June 18,
Investigation completed Jan 19,
Granted July 19


congrats! anything to mitigate?

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Not a lot, had couple of bills that went to collection, a few late payments.
Current balance on a few credit cards,
No dui or things of that nature,
Mine was a T5 background investigation,

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So you were in adjudication for around 7 months? Sounds about right from what I’ve been reading on this blog. Congrats!

I’ve been in adjudication since mid-July so playing the waiting game like everyone else lol

Yes, that’s what it showed on JPS when my FSO would JPAS me every month. But a few months out of those 7-8 months,it was pending eligibility, I don’t know if that also falls under the broad adjudication, or not.

You’re lucky. I submitted my SF86 in November 17 and I’m still waiting…