Time frame to get your secret clearance finalized

Hey everybody,
I’ve been reading the blog for a little bit now and it seems everybody is in a similar boat that I am. I submitted my sf86 back in feb 2016. July 24 2016 I had my investigation. Now I’ve been patiently waiting. My FSO said my process is eligibility of eligibility pending. I’ve done my research and I know its being further investigated. I have a clean record, no drugs and previously held a Secret clearance. My only concern is my finances. Owe 10k in taxes but have been making payments, even though I have missed a few. All other debts I’ve had have been payed off. Will this be a huge problem for me? How long does it take for the clearance to go threw after the investigation? Is our current elections making a hinder on the process? I’m just a little worried is all.


@dedwards1987 - you shouldn’t worry. My opinion is that the case was reopened to check the tax records to verify you are complying with the repayment plan. Good luck.