Questions about "Eligibility Pending"

Hey everyone, today I got back a response from my FSO in regards to my SF 86 packet that I submitted in mid April 2017. I was notified that my status was “Eligibility Pending” and wait times were 250 plus days and I have to wait until a full clearance is granted depending on what issues they have. Should I be worried?

This is very typical, nothing to worry about. Some get an interim clearance but it seems that more do not. I’d say you have the normal timeline so far… which kinda sucks.

This is the typical response from the FSO, you are still processing. Nothing they or you can do but wait. Most of us are waiting 1-2 years for a clearance.

Thanks for the info guys. I feel bad complaining about mine after seeing guys being on the ropes for over a year.