Granted clearance today


I just got my clearance today. I am so happy. It is a DoD Secret Clearance.


That is great! Congratulations! Can you post a general timeline? When you submitted SF86, investigation, last time you heard from anyone…


How long was the wait?


Around 6 months. …


25th Nov 2017: Pre-processing - accepted offer
Dec 2017: 6 References and 3 Previous employers were called and investigator personally met 5 of them in person and 1 of them was called . My Landlord got a call too from investigator.
January 2018: Met with investigator and a Favorable CFD (Contractors Fitness Determination) was granted after met with investigator. Follow up interview
Investigation completed: 27th Feb
Clearance granted: 10th May


Just wanted to tell you that I have foreign relatives and I am naturalized citizen but I disclosed everything in SF86. Never had any financial issues or drug problems or any criminal history. Have around 30k cresit card debt but never been late on payments.


Can you post your start to finish timeline…congrats by the way.


Congratulations. I wish that I will get mine soon as well.


I just did. Please see my post on top.


Congrats. Still waiting on mine. Over three years now…


sorry about that…I sawit after I posted…again congrats


Can I ask how you were contacted about it? I don’t know if I should be anxiously holding my breath for a phone call, USPS, FedEx or what.


Your FSO will either call or email you the day he or she getts the “offical word”. Email has been the norm.


I am deploying so I was given an official company letter stating that I was upgraded to level 2 (CAT II) which requires clearance.


Did you get your interim secret clearance?


No, Full clearance…