Department of State clearance

I’m a contractor waiting on my DoS secret clearance. I’ve held DoD clearance at the secret, top-secret and top secret with SCI and was a top-secret courier. This is my first DoS clearance. I’m now at 200 days and nothing. My company FSO tells me he can not look up anything. I know there is a terrible backlog, I’ve seen the 1st quarter FY18 timeline but these all speak of DoD clearances. Is my timeline about right?

28 Sept.17 SF86 submitted
from Sept to Dec all background checks completed
December attended DoS WPS training course
28 January 18 interview complete
29 January 18 to present crickets

I’m in almost the exact situation as you. SF86 submitted around same time, interview around same time. Still waiting… That is interesting you were able to attend the training course already. The company paid you to train but now you are waiting to deploy until clearance granted? That would be a tough situation to be in.

yep, completed training, medical,dental, drug tests,and have my country Visa, simply waiting.
so update to my timeline, after calling the DoS myself today, because I got tired of the company FSO telling “we havent heard anything and we cant check”, a simple phone call and I found out that my DoS secert clearance went to adjudication on 8 Febuary. Is it normal for something to sit in adjudication this long?

Can I ask what company you are being hired with? Is it TC?

  • I’m suprised a company would send you to training, pay for medical/dental/drug tests without knowing if you will even be cleared.
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I was put in for a secret clearance with DoS a few years back. The investigator wrapped up his piece, which was I think the only investigation required. About seven months later he contacted me again with a couple of questions from the adjudicator. Within a week the clearance was granted.

So in that case, it took about seven months to get adjudicated. I dont know if the issues that they wanted more info on moved me from the fast track to the “when we get around to it” pile but waiting for several months for adjudication is not unheard of.

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I dont think getting cleared wil be a problum…but yep im simply waiting on a phone call and plane ticket and I would weither not say what company

wow, I hope not…lol

Same situation here. Current secret, submitted SF86 for DoS gig. Hoped for reciprocity from DoD, but no dice.

Mine final went through on the 19th of July, headed out soon. Good luck

When did your DOS process start? Are you in adjudications? I’ve been in adjudications since March, anxiously waiting for the final word.

Muldoon5, can you share that DOS number you called for status check, please…

Thank you!


DOS status check – Phone number 866-643-4636
Email –
FYI – They usually will tell you the same information your FSO gives you and they don’t like being contacted often.

Thank you, Mike!
I actually emailed that address few weeks ago and I got this back;

“Thank you for your email. Unfortunately I was unable to locate you by name in our database. Please note, we only handle security clearance investigations for employees and employment applicants of the U.S. Department of State. If the position you have applied for is with a different federal agency you must contact that agency for a status update. Also, if the position is a federal contractor you will need to contact OPM at 202-606-1800.” I guess this means I am not even in Square One yet as far as process, Yikes!

Thank you, again