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I’m not sure if anyone can answer this for me, but I’m wondering how long it may take to get my clearance. It’s currently at the DOD CAF and has been there since September 2017. I’m being told that it’s pending and nothing more.


I guess it is safe to say you will not be among the fastest 90% who get adjudicated within 30 days or whatever that statistic is. There’s a few stories on here of unbelievably long waits in the post-investigation phase. Very little visibility into this phase of the process unless you are contacted with follow-up questions.


Prepare for a long wait. Continue on with your life and try not to agonize yourself everyday wondering how much longer. My DOD Secret took 2 years…


It is unclear if it is for initial clearance or re-investigation. There is a difference. Nonetheless, there is no telling. However, you should have your security specialist/FSO to shoot DoDCAF a message to get things moving. An effective security specialist/FSO can get things moving. Also, you can find out if your case is with DOHA by calling them.


Wouldn’t a person have received some kind of notification before their case goes to DOHA? In a perfect world, at least.


@AWoodhull How can I find out if my case is with DOHA? Is there any email or phone number that I can call?


@sbusquirrel, I don’t think applicants are to be notified if they case go to DOHA. DOHA does additional review when first-level adjudicator at DoDCAF is unable to make a favorable determination. You will be notified when DOHA makes an unfavorable determination. With that said, once your case goes to DOHA, it might be a good idea to prepare your defense and retain a legal counsel.

@khan007, I do not have the contact information. The contact information can be found online via You will probably have to be persistent.


Adjudicators do make determinations pretty quick on initial clearances regardless of the clearance level. I think the first level makes determination within 20 days (I believe this to be Government business days). Adjudication process does not take as long as the background investigation. Nonetheless, the clock starts when an adjudicator receives your case NOT when your background investigation closed. How will you know when an adjudicator receives your case? Your security specialist/FSO is probably the only one who can find out.

I have been told, if your case has been in adjudication for more than 90 days (calendar days), then you should follow up with your security specialist/FSO on weekly basis… You might need to get him/her to send periodic messages to DoDCAF.


I had a clearance for 10 years, took a job that didn’t require a clearance and after 2 years the clearance went dormant. I took a different job, reapplied in July of 2017. An investigation was opened and closed. Now I’m waiting and my current job is getting impatient with me because I can’t have access to certain files to affectively do my job. The FSO says she will ping my clearance every week, I’m not sure what that means. I’ve called numerous organizations and most of them will not talk to me, but one did send me the below information. I feel stuck in the waiting game…

Eligibility Pending, 2017 09 25, DOD CAF

Investigation: NACS, OPM, Closed 2017 08 13

Open Investigation: T3, 2017 07 28, OPM

PSQ Sent Date: 2017 07 27


DOHA Status [email protected]


Will my FSO message them or can I?


When they make a decision. Will they send a message to the fso or send me something by mail. I was told that I would get a message from my fso. But I think it’s past 90 days. But I’m afraid to ask.


You can email them. I did when my case was with DOHA.


What should I say to DOHA when I want to check the status if my case was transfer to them? Should I just write down my case number and ask if they have my case? Sorry I am confused.


Just say “I was told my case is with your department.” Tell them your name and address. If your case is not with them, they will let you know.