Clearance status is in eligible pending 3 months after investigation closed

My ts clearance investigation was closed 3 months ago, but my eligibility status still is “Eligibility pending dod caf”.
My coworkers are saying my case should go into adjudication, and show status, like ”adjudication”, but my FSO keeps saying My case is in adjudication. Does anyone know that I am in adjudication or not? Should I ask my fro send an email to ask?


Ok so first thing first, frequently query from DoD CAF by your FSO is normal. My FSO would call once a month. Second, someone here might have a detailed information on whether or not “Eligibility pending” means being in adjudication. I can speak of mysefl. Mine was in “Eligibility pending” for some months, I think 4-7 before I got my final. I don’t know exactly if “Eligibility pending” means being in adjudication. I also don’t know if mine went from “Eligibility pending” straight to final grant. By anyways, don’t bother and worry too much about “Eligibility pending” or “adjudication”, they all seem to come under one roof. Either way, you will get your clearance


Thanks for your help. Feel much better with your experience you shared.
I was in a little bit overwhelmed since my uncleared project close to end.