"Pending Adjudication"

I was told today by the CBP HR specialist “Pending Adjudication means they have everything and will making a final determination soon.”

Has anyone else received this information AND received final notification? I just want to know what kind of time window I’m looking at if they will be making a final determination “soon”


I don’t think that anybody can answer this for you. There’s nothing to say how long you have already been in this state and there’s really no fixed length for adjudication anyway. Some go through in 30 days or so while others seem to sit for months.

Keep your head up and keep living your life. It will happen eventually but there’s not much that you can do by worrying about it.


Yes, I was in similar spot, “pending adjudication”, well first it was pending eligibility, and than it wen to “pending adjudication.” AND guess what, I was told the same thing by my FSO. Mine was in pending for some months, but yes, I did get my final determination. Mine took 5-6 months.

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Thanks redonions! I wonder what “pending eligibility” signifies. If you’re “pending eligibility” before you’re “pending adjudication”, shouldn’t that mean that you’re eligible for a clearance but just waiting for official confirmation?

I searched the forums to see how I can check the status of a submitted SF86 but couldn’t find any answers. The link that was provided to me for completing the SF is no longer working now that I’ve submitted the SF. How did you guys check your status? Thank you.

@SemperFi1983 Yes, I wonder too. When I was in “pending eligibility” I one time asked the FSO, and he was like “You are pending eligibility”, Dah, hahahah. But once I was out of pending eligibility and into pending adjudication, my FSO told me there was also a note, which said “pushed for final”. He said it means you are all clear and waiting for final adjudication. I was in “Pushed for final” for a few months.

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Depending on the agency for which you applied, there should be an email for applicants that have equip questions and/or issues.

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So my FSO just informed me that he never saw me being “eligibility pending” in the system but he did confirm that I’m “pending adjudication.”

I was told this late September. I’m expecting a final determination in December. They’re not in a hurry so neither should I.


I know the comments here have been more than 12 months ago. How long did it take for your adjudication? I am awaiting for my adjudication through DHS (CBP) if anyone knows please let me know?

As long as it takes. There are no timelines.

Pending adjudication is typical as one of the phases of a BI. How long it takes depends on numerous factors including availability of numbers of personnel doing the final adjudication. It could occur in days or take months as others have said, ‘putting a time frame on it is nearly impossible.’ If you’ve made it through the BI to get to this stage take heart that things seem to be going your way, now it’s just a hurry up and wait situation.