Hi all. Some help please. Secret clerance

So I have a some questions and I hope you all can give me some insight. I applied for a job with CBP in Jan 2018 was offered the job in March 2018 and had my sf86 filled out in April. Investigator met with me July 18 and my last reference was interviewed July 21 2018. I contacted my HR person at CBP 3 weeks ago and she said my status changed to “pending Adjudication” on 11/30/2018. Its now March 13 2019. Is it normal to be pending adjudication this long? Nobody has contacted me other than my emails with my HR rep. Should I contact my Congress woman to inquire for me? Any other helpful info would be appreciated. Thanks very much for all your time!

January 2018 applied for CBP position
April 11 2018 job offered and accepted
April 23 2018 Equip and fingerprints accepted
July 11 2018 in person interview with investigator
September 6 2018 CBP office of professional responsibility requests an updated SF-86. Claimed my initial one was now OLD. Hr contact thought it was a little weird.
November 30 2018 status changed to “pending Adjudication”
Nothing more since.

That’s a little more than four months in adjudication. Considering that it can take 30 to 60 days before you are assigned to an adjudicator I don’t think that you have anything to worry about yet.

The govt. shutdown may have impacted your adjudication, but even so 3 1/2 months since 11/30 isn’t very long. If you don’t hear anything by end of May you could reach out to your Congresswoman.

I have seen pending take 5-12 months. Then it comes through in like 5 minutes. They may be waiting on must one thing. But pending since late November? Yea, totally normal.

Thanks Ed I appreciate the feedback. Do you find the request from OPR weird? Do you have any insight into a typical adjudication timeframes? I’m sure the Govt shutdown didnt help either.

Thanks for the feedback. Puts me in a little better mood. Its stressful waiting on this stuff.

I can’t claim any personal knowledge of the CBP . . . Nothing there surprises me very much.

I am happy to report my clerance came through this morning. Thanks for everyone’s responses. It put me at ease. To those of you waiting hang in there. I know it’s tough but it’s worth it.