Customs and Border Protection Secret Clearance Timeline


My BI concluded in mid-July of this year and I’ve been in adjudication since that time. Anyone else waiting on or received a secret clearance through CBP that could provide any details regarding waiting period once in adjudication?

Thanks everyone

I completed my BI last week for a tier 5. I contacted CBP today and they said they’re waiting for an all clear. I submitted my sf86 in June. At this point I’m waiting for December to roll around before I hear anything.

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Hello Verti,

Would you mind telling my the contact information for CBP?


What state do you live? It should be listed under the additional job application tab on your application. I can give you the contact info I used but I believe each applicant is assigned a different hiring office depending on region.

I am waiting on my final adjudication.

However, my T-5 investigation started and finished within a month after summited to OPR.
I feel that my time line is faster than what I have found.

How did you know it was a secret clearance?

When I applied for the job in the USA JOB said no clearance needed.

The investigator told me that my BI was tier 5, but he didn’t know if it was PT, secret, or TP.

The position I applied for is a non-LE position and it listed secret clearance required.

I am in the same boat. Non-LE position.
IS job.

How is everything going?

Still have not heard anything