I received my secret clearance!

Hello everyone,

I was notified on Wednesday that I received my secret clearance. The following is my timeline:

May 2019 - Submitted E-Qip
June 2019 - Interview with BI
October 2019 - File moved to adjudication
February 2020 - Secret clearance granted

Just wanted to share my timeline if anyone was concerned how long the process takes to get a secret clearance.

Be patient and good luck everyone.

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Thanks for the update. However, there has always been a wide variation between any two individual cases.

still it is a good sign to hear of a secret clearance taking less than a year

So did I. CBP, right?

I received my EOD as well for next week.

The real question is how your paperwork was completed. If you are 21 years old, never left the country, no legal or money issues, never moved, and checked NO to all the HAVE YOU EVER questions, well the time frame will be very different from someone who gives the BI a run for their money.

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